2nd general COST MEETING >> ABSTRACT Book as pdf-File

        18th - 20th of April 2016,  Copenhagen, Denmark

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        >> ABSTRACT Book as pdf-File

        Monday 18 April 2016  
        08:00   Registration, mounting of posters, buying lunch tickets
        09:00   Welcome: Svend Christensen (UCPH), Sebastian Carpentier (COST), Eva Rosenqvist (convener)
        09:10 Achim Walter, ETH Zürich, CH WG 1: Phenotyping at plant/field level - new methods
        10:00   Coffee, poster viewing, buying lunch tickets
        10:30 Stefan Gerth Maize root growth tracking using X-ray CT segmentation
        10:50 Gerd Patrick Bienert Screening for and development of boron-efficient rapeseed and Arabidopsis genotypes
        11:10 Pirjo Peltonen-Sainio Phenotyping nutrient use efficacy and resistance to seed borne diseases for conventional and organic breeding
        11:30 Theoharis Ouzounis Phenotyping tomato genotypes under four LED light environments for energy efficient use of light
        11:50 Danijela Vukadinovic Fully automated detection of western flower thrips Frankliniella occidentalis damage in chrysanthemum leaves
        12:10   Lunch, poster viewing
        13:10 Björn Usadel, RWTH, DE Data processing: Ontologies to link genomics and phenotyping
        14:00 Christiaan Biemond How to manage and explore large and diverse datasets in Digital Phenotyping?
        14:20 Gerrit Polder Non-invasive phenotyping of postharvest quality traits in tomato and strawberry
        14:40 Angelika Czedik-Eysenberg Non-invasive phenotyping of plant fungal infections during the asymptomatic stage
        15:00   Coffee, poster viewing
        15:40   Workshop – four groups (appointed conveners)
               1. Development of collaboration in the COST Action
            2. + 3. Standards and procedures WG1 + WG2
            4. Stakeholders – future
        17:00   Main conclusions presentation by group conveners
        17:40   MC meeting
            Free evening for sightseeing


        Tuesday 19 April 2016  
        08:00   Registration, poster viewing
        08:30 Thomas Roitsch,
        UCPH, DK
        WG 2: Phenotyping on cell level using enzymatic assays
        09:20 Guray Akdogan Transcriptomic and metabolic responses of bread wheat against heat and drought stresses
        09:40 Jassmine Zorrilla How do roots respond to osmotic stress? A transcriptomic approach to address this question in a non-model crop
        10:00   Coffee, poster viewing
        10:30 Monika Wimmer Repeated drought stress reduces anti-oxidative capacity and alters primary metabolism of young sugar beets
        10:50 Hannes Kollist Natural variation in Arabidopsis Cvi-0 accession uncovers regulation of guard cell CO2 signaling by MPK12
        11:10 Matheus Kuska Early detection and classification of Mla and mlo gene based resistance of barley using hyperspectral close-range imaging
        11:30 Christophe Djemiel Phenotyping microbial diversity during flax dew-retting by using targeted-metagenomics
        11:50 Reinhard Turetschek Microbes Shape Defense Response of Pisum Sativum against Didymella pinodes
        12:10   Lunch, poster viewing
        12:50   Departure to phenotyping facilities at Campus Tåstrup by bus
        13:30 Program specified later Group tours, presentations and company demonstrations.
            • Multispectral + IR imaging and gravimetric phenotyping in greenhouse
          Group photo • Deep root phenotyping in the field – Radimax
            • Demonstration of equipment for non invasive phenotyping by companies
            Snacks and drinks
        18:00   Conference dinner at Campus Tåstrup
        After dinner   Departure from Campus Tåstrup by bus


        Wedn. 20 April 2016  
        08:00   Registration, poster viewing
        08:30 Carl-Otto Ottosen, AU, DK WG 3: Phenotyping in greenhouses and the challenges of dynamic climate
        09:20 Thomas Altmann Integrated metabolome and whole plant phenotyping reveal genetic and physiological factors of vegetative growth and seed longevity
        09:40 Elizabeth Neilson Can specialized metabolites promote growth? Challenging traditional plant defense theories using dynamic imaging and metabolite analysis
        10:00   Coffee, poster viewing
        10:30 Indira Paudel Impact of treated wastewater on growth, respiration and hydraulic conductivity of citrus root systems in light and heavy soils
        10:50 Marta Vasconcelos Can phenotyping at multiple levels shed light on the iron efficiency trait in soybean plants?
        11:10 Benita Hyldgaard ModCarboStress – focus on photosynthesis
        11:30 Marta Malinowska Phenomics analysis of drought responses in Miscanthus collected from different geographical locations.
        11:50 Uli Schurr The European landscape of plant phenotyping - novel developments towards EMPHASIS - the ESFRI infrastructure for plant phenotyping
        12:10   Lunch, poster viewing
        13:00 Theo van Hintum, WUR, NL Stakeholder interaction: Phenotyping focus on stakeholder
        13:40 Christian S. Jensen, DLF, DK Stakeholder interaction: Phenotyping focus for breeders
        14:20 Stefan Schwartz Can industry cooperation lead to more applicable phenotyping systems? – A collaborative approach for plant phenotyping standards in industry
        14:40 Roland Pieruschka International Plant Phenotyping Network: an association aiming at integrating the plant phenotyping community
        15:00   Final discussion, evaluation
        15:40   Closure of conference
        16:00   Goodbye