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5th International Rice Conference

5th International Rice Conference


The 5th International Rice Congress 2018 (IRC2018)

The 5th International Rice Congress (IRC2018) is the biggest gathering of thought leaders, scientists, policymakers, agriculture experts, and technology providers from the world of rice research.

Held every four years, it provides a venue for all players in the rice industry to meet, share, and learn about the latest game-changing innovations, cutting-edge technologies, and crucial policies shaping the future of the globe's most important staple crop.

IRC 2018 features the International Rice Research Conference (IRRC 2018) and the 8th Rice Genetics Symposium (RG8).

The International Rice Research Conference (IRRC 2018) revolves around the following themes:

  • Systems Physiology
  • Genetic Improvement
  • Disruptive Technologies and Innovations
  • Sustainable and Equitable Farming Systems
  • Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability
  • Pathways to Health and Nutrition
  • Social Inclusion and Gender Equality
  • Food Systems for the Future


The 8th Rice Genetics Symposium (RG8) covers the following themes:

  • High Through-put Technologies: Genotyping, Phenotyping and Omics Genome Biology: Structure, Function, and Comparison
  • Genetics of Yield: Grain Quality and Quantity
  • Genetics of Abiotic Interactions: Stress Tolerance and Mitigation
  • Genetics of Biotic Interactions: Stress Tolerance, Mitigation, and Microbiome
  • Genome and Gene Editing: Novel Tools and Technologies
  • Genes for Hybrid Rice


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