28.10.2022 - 31.10.2022 – Wuxi, China, & online Download iCal

7th International Symposium on Plant Growth Modeling, Simulation, Visualization, and Applications (PMA2022)

The symposium aims to bring colleagues together in exploring the frontiers of functional-structural plant models (FSPMs), including modeling principles, computation algorithms, simulation techniques, and visualization methods, from molecular to ecosystem scales.

FSPMs enable dissecting entire plants into individual components at different scales and thus provide a comprehensive description of structural-functional processes. Plant phenomics is rapidly developing, allowing to access phenotypic traits at various scales. The complementarity and synergy between plant models and plant phenomics will be one of the focus points in the symposium. Top scientists will be invited to share cutting edge knowledge and experience in plant modeling.

A special issue for this symposium will be published on Plant Phenomics (Plant Phenomics | Science Partner Journal (sciencemag.org)). Each article will be strictly peer reviewed according to the journal review policy.

     Wuxi is a beautiful city near Shanghai and the Tai Lake. We look forward to your arrival in Wuxi, China in 2022. Due to COVID 19, PMA2022 is held with hybrid mode (combination of Online and Onsite)

     General Co-chairs Ya Guo and Véronique Letort - Le Chevalier  On behalf of PMA2022 Committee.