09.10.2021 15:00 - 10.10.2021 23:00 – Optional: On site & Virtual Download iCal

NCSU Hack-a-Thon (Free)

Join us for the NCSU Ag tech Hack-a-thon to accelerate agricultural sustainability using computer vision, robotics and more...

About this event

The event will center around uses of the new BenchBot, a low cost robot intended as a generalizable platform for sensing growing plants on greenhouse benches. The robot also serves as a testbed for new sensors intended for field applications. Three of these robots will be housed in the new Plant Sciences Building, a new $160 million project at NCSU that will foster interdisciplinary research on agriculture’s largest challenges. Teams may build off of the innovative solutions developed for the recent OpenCV competition.

Multiple cash prizes will be available for teams in multiple categories. You must be a student enrolled at the undergraduate or graduate level to participate. For those participating in person, refreshments and lunch will be provided both days.