02.11.2021 13:00 - 04.11.2021 15:00 – online Download iCal

Third International Workshop on Machine Learning for Cyber-Agricultural Systems (MLCAS2021)

This event targets to bring together a large group of academic and industrial Researchers and practitioners at the intersection of machine learning, cyber-physical systems, plant sciences and agriculture for two days of stimulating conversation and cross-pollination of ideas.

Today, efficient and cost-effective sensors as well as high performance computing technologies are looking to transform traditional plant-based agriculture into an efficient cyber-physical system. The easy availability of cheap, deployable, connected sensor technology has created an enormous opportunity to collect vast amount of data at varying spatial and temporal scales at both experimental and production agriculture levels. Therefore, both offline and real-time agricultural analytics that assimilates such heterogeneous data and provides automated, actionable information is a critical needed for sustainable and profitable agriculture.

Data analytics and decision-making for Agriculture has been a long-standing application area. The application of advanced machine learning methods to this critical societal need can be viewed as a transformative extension for the agriculture community. In this workshop, we intend to bring together academic and industrial researchers and practitioners in the fields of machine learning, data science and engineering, plant sciences and agriculture, in the collaborative effort of identifying and discussing major technical challenges and recent results related to machine learning-based approaches. It will feature invited talks, oral/poster presentation of accepted papers, and a panel discussion.


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