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Workshop: Trees & Forests Phenotyping

This workshop is organized by the IPPN Working Group on Forest Phenotyping.

Workshop – Trees and Forests Phenotyping

15-20 minutes presentation on your topic of research

Join Workshop: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/81093642385?pwd=OTN3bU9LYWVQTnV6QUFyVGg1OVkwQT09



Francois du Toit, Nicholas C. Coops, T.R.H. Goodbody, M. Stoehr, Y.A. El-KassabyDeriving Branch Length and Width from ALS in a Douglas-fir Tree Improvement Trial in British Columbia, Canada

Samuel J. Grubinger, Nicholas C. Coops, Gregory A. O’Neill Individual-tree multispectral phenotyping of common garden trials of interior spruce (Picea glauca x engelmanni)

David Pont Area-based and tree-based approaches to forest phenotyping: The New Zealand experience

Lin Cao Multi-scale forest phenotyping studies for precision forestry in China's subtropical forests

Invitation to Forest Phenotyping Workshop (final) (PDF)