IPPN Travel Grants for the 4th IPPS Hosted by CIMMYT

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The IPPN Board decided to support early career scientists with travel grants to attend the 4th IPPS at CIMMYT, awarding:

  • Dr. Konstantinos N. Blazakis, Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania, Greece
  • Dr. Sruti Das Choudhury, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA
  • Ms. Tove Sundgren, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway

Additionally, further early career scientists were supported within a framework of the Working Group activities to join the Root Satellite meeting at the 4th IPPS:

  • Dr. Saoirse Tracy, University College Dublin, Ireland
  • Christian Kuppe, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany
  • Alexander Bucksch, University of Georgia, USA.

Attendees of the IPG Root Biology Meeting in Missouri were supported within the framework of the Root Working Group:

  • Dr. Shirley Nichols from AgResearch in New Zealand
  • Dr. Mina Rostamza from the University of Purdue
  • Ms. Hannah Schneider from Penn State University.