Recruitment of a signal and image analysis specialist at the Toulouse Plant-Microbe Phenotyping Facility (TPMP).

Laboratory of Plant Microbe Interactions

Laboratory of Plant Microbe Interactions

Recruitment of a signal and image analysis specialist on the Toulouse Plant-Microbe Phenotyping Facility (TPMP).

Contract: 15 month with a 6-month extension possible

Start of contract: ideally 1 February 2018, or soon after.

Salary (gross): between 2019 and 2422 EUR/month without PhD or between 2338 and 2867
EUR/month with a PhD, and depending on experience.

Degree required: Masters, Engineer degree, or PhD

How to apply: CV, motivation letter and references to send to


Operational since 2007, TPMP (, twitter account Inra_TPMP) is an INRA platform dedicated to the analysis of plants under stress (biotic and/or abiotic stresses), it work in close collaboration with people from the LIPM laboratory ( The means of non-destructive phenotyping are cameras (visible, multi-spectral, NIR, Chlorophyll fluorescence), automatically piloted to generate larges imaging series on large number of plants. Our small-plant robotic platform “Phenopsis” enables the imaging of a total of 504 Arabidopsis-size plants, with a top imaging system. A large-plant system “phenoserre” enables the top and side imaging of 354 plants in 3L pots.

The candidate will be recruited in the framework of a Plant2Pro project (“PhenOr”) with the objective of early phenotyping sunflower plantlets infected by the root attaching parasitic plant orobanche. The objective will be to use the chlorophyll imaging of phenospsis to detect the early root attachment of the parasite. This early phenotyping will be followed by transplanting on the phenoserre system where the emergence of the parasitic plants will be imaged and analysed as well.

The recruited person will be under the responsibility of Nemo Peeters, the manager of the TPMP facility in close interaction with Stephane Munos, from the sunflower team of the LIPM. The recruited person will also be working on the image and signal analysis of other projects running on the facility and in particular will work on the “Stress’N’Sym” project led by Benoit Lefebvre (LIPM), where the objective will be to assess the “biovolume” of Brachypodium plants interacting or not with beneficial fungi.


The candidate will have track record, proving that he(her) has the following skills:
  • Image and signal analysis (image quality, noise correction, segmentation, multi-spectral imaging, chlorophyll imaging, 3D reconstruction etc…)
  • Computer, database languages, programming, image analysis software (LemnaGrid, IAP, ImageJ, others…)
  • Work as a team, ability to generate reports on work advancement.


Notions in optics, camera and image acquisition are a plus, prior work with plants is not required. Some knowledge of French is an advantage, but not required for the position.