Special Issue "Computer Vision and Smart Agriculture"



Deadline for manuscript submission: 23 November 2018

Agriculture is very complex system, in which various kinds of objects should be observed, such as plants, field emvironment, field machinery, farm workers, etc. often under uncotrolled situations, to achieve quality control of farm products. To acquire high quality farm products or to efficiently acquire those, automatic measurement of the objects in the filed is required, which is called pricise agriculture, or smart agriculture. Computer vision, or machine vision, which has become a very powerful tool for observing various objects in agricultural activities, plays important roles in smart agriculture, or precise agriculture. In this special issue, we are looking forward to submissions of practical and sophisticated computer vision methodology for precise agriculture, or smart agriculture, from researchers/developpers of related research fields.

The topics include but are not limited to:

  • image-based plant phenotyping
  • image analysis for grading farm products
  • observation and quantization of farm works
  • computer vision for forestry management
  • computer vision for livestock management
  • imaging for smart agriculture
  • machine vision systems for robotized machinery

The guest editors of this special issue are  Prof. Rin-ichiro Taniguchi and Dr. Hideaki Uchiyama

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