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Title:  Phenotyping at the World Vegetable Center

By: Dr. Roland Schafleitner (World Vegetable Center, Taiwan)

Date:  Septmeber 4th  2020 / Time: 14:00   (Berlin Time) /  7.00 AM (CDT)

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The Phenomics Webinar Series


Quantitative assessment of plant environment interaction has become the essential tool to understand how plants develop in a dynamic environment and translate this knowledge into application for crop improvement. Plant phenotyping has been developing very dynamically across the globe within the last years enabling excellent research, novel technology, leading to progress in how plants grow & react with their (biotic-) environment.

The recent spread of SARS-CoV-2 limits opportunities to actively interact, discuss latest results, technological developments as many conferences, workshops and events have been cancelled. To compensate for these shortcomings the plant phenotyping initiatives IPPN, EPPN2020, EMPHASIS provide an exchange platform for the community by organizing a Plant Phenotyping Webinar Series that will address all relevant topics in this field.



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We are seeking contributions from all plant phenotyping related work fields across all career stages, Including research highlights & use-cases from research & application, from the public- & private sector related to plant phenotyping or which use plant phenotyping as an aspect of their work.

 We especially encourage those fields which have yet been under-represented in plant phenotyping aiming to advance the scope of applications for which this methodology can be used.

Contributions can be presented in two different possible formats:

  Single Talk
  Thematic Sessions  
  Overall Duration   45 -60 min   60 -90min
  Structure   Talk 35min (+10min discussion)   Each talk 10min (+ 3min discussion);
  Keynote 10min (+5min discussion)
  # Talks   1   3-5 individual talks (+1 Keynote)

 The webinar series will take place every second Friday at 14:00 CET 

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