Season 2 Roadmap


"Combining 3D & Gravimetric data from plants to breed climate smart crops"

Gregoire Hummel (Phenospex) & Vincent Vadez (CGIAR / IRD)

Live webinar: 30 September, 14:00 CEST

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"Water Use Efficiency : Finding the best trade-off between productivity and survivability"

Alexis Comar (HiPhen) & Keren Moshelion (Plant DiTech)

Live webinar: 28 October, 14:00 CEST

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"Image-based plant stress phenotyping in the fast changing world of AI"

Dr. Arti Singh (Iowa State University)

[Postponed to 2022]

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"Unraveling the physiological behavior of the plant, modulated by a synthetic microbial community, using a real-time phenotyping platform"

Prof. Dr. Paulo Arruda (University of Campinas - UNICAMP)

Live webinar: 25 November, 14:00 CET

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Your monthly dose of Phenomics

After our summer break, the PhenomicsWebinars will continue to deliver monthly webinars with our 2nd season until the end of 2021.


GoingbacktoLive – Webinar & Q&A all in one session

In this season we will present a mix of plant phenotyping webinars from academia & industry, in an open format (one or more speakers) being either live or pre-recorded with Q&A live sessions following directly after the webinar broadcast.


Videos available to watch later

Additionally, PhenomicsWebinars will be recorded & uploaded to our IPPN Youtube Channel to make it possible to view & re-view them at any time.


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Want to give a PhenomicsWebinar?

We are looking for contributions from researchers from all phenotyping-related fields, and welcome abstract submission by researchers & practitioners from all career stages as well as from any cultural- and/or ethnical background & any gender*. 

This may include research highlights and user-cases from research and application, from the public- or private sector related to plant phenotyping or which use plant phenotyping as an aspect of their work. We especially encourage researchers from fields which are still under-represented in plant phenotyping in order to broaden the scope of applications for which this methodology can be used. In case you areinterested to give a webinar yourself, feel free to use our submission form or simply email to

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About PhenomicsWebinars

Quantitative assessment of plant environment interaction has become the essential tool to understand how plants develop in a dynamic environment and translate this knowledge into application for crop improvement. Plant phenotyping has been developing very dynamically across the globe within the last years enabling excellent research, novel technology, leading to progress in how plants grow & react with their (biotic-) environment.

The recent spread of SARS-CoV-2 limits opportunities to actively interact, discuss latest results, technological developments as many conferences, workshops and events have been cancelled. To compensate for these shortcomings the plant phenotyping initiatives IPPN, EPPN2020, EMPHASIS provide an exchange platform for the community by organizing a plant phenotyping webinar series that will address all relevant topics in this field.