This Special Issue,  aims to collect manuscripts (review and original research articles) associated with low-cost sensor and vector technologies for plant phenotyping in controlled or field conditions. Among others, original and innovative contributions that involve widely accessible and reproducible plant phenotyping technologies, such as smartphone-embedded sensors, Internet of Things technologies, credit card mini-computer systems, associated with low-cost vectors made available under 3D printable objects, do-it-yourself item lists, together with embedded artificial intelligence under open sources, are encouraged.

And we are happy to announce that some papers can be published as the feature paper in the special issue "Low-Cost sensors and Vectors for Plant Phenotyping".

Key Words: Plant phenotyping; Proximal sensing; Connected sensors; Smartphone applications; Credit-card mini computer; Embedded artificial intelligence


Dr. David Rousseau

Dr. Mark Müller-Linow

(Guest Editors)



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