Executive Committee:

Dr. Larry York, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA (Chair)

Prof. Hannah Schneider, IPK Gatersleben, Germany (Executive Secretary)

Dr. Benjamin Delory, Utrecht University, Netherlands (Rhizobox Taskforce Lead)




The Root Phenotyping Working Group (RPWG) within IPPN aims to:

  • be a forum to identify the scientific and technical boundaries of root phenotyping
  • advance root phenotyping to address global agricultural and environmental challenges

In order to achieve these aims, the RPWG will work towards encouraging an inclusive and diverse working group comprised of researchers from around the world, hold timely working group meetings, promote or organise root phenotyping-related workshops, provide travel awards to early career scientists, and provide surveys and reports on the state of root phenotyping. Please see below on how to join and be involved with the working group.


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Contact RPWG: Larry York 

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