Working Group on Forest Phenotyping

Executive Board Members:

Chair: Lin Cao, Nanjing Forestry University, China

Co-Chair: David Pont, Scion, NZ


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Goals of the Working Group:

The goals of  the Forest Phenotyping Working Group is to improve the understanding of multiple scale forest dynamics through its phenotypes. The development of tools, platforms, methodologies and an international community will bring together experts from silvilculture, forest management, genetic, computer & data science, experimental design, and forest biometrics and geomatics, to tackle the emerging challenges related to climate changes, sustainable forest management, the need for healthier forests and the manufacture of sustainable and cleaner products.


The Forest Phenotyping working group aims to:

  • Promote the concept of forest phenotyping to the international scientific community
  • Enable the sharing of knowledge and efforts with the international scientific community
  • Encourage the expansion of efforts to phenotype seedlings and trees
  • Build networks within the IPPN community to share and develop platforms of interest to other IPPN working groups