How to Become a Member?

Membership is open to the following groups:

i. Academia (public) groups

  1. academic institutions such as universities or research institutions;
  2. clusters comprising up to three academic institutions from one country;
  3. nonprofit organizations;

ii. Industry (private) groups

  1. commercial legal entities;
  2. clusters comprising up to three SMEs (small- and medium-sized enterprises)


To become a member:
  1. the legal representative of a new member institution or a cluster must sign the Statutes of the Association to agree with the internal regulations of the Association and the decisions of its bodies
  2. please fill in the Membership Form about your background and activities and send it to the IPPN office
  3. send the signed statutes and the activities form to the IPPN office:
  4. the IPPN General Assembly must approve the membership


Statutes of the Association

Membership Form (docx)

Cluster Form