Advancements in Forest & Tree Phenotyping 

This is the recording of the IPPN workshop on "Advancements of Forest & Tree Phenotyping",  moderated by David Pont & held during the International Plant Phenotyping Symposium in 2022.

This workshop was made possible through the initiative of the Forest Phenotyping Working Group.



During this workshop the FPWG will host a series of talks from leading international researchers on the current & future frontiers of forest & tree phenotyping. The workshop will also host an open discussion session before finishing, to provide opportunities for participants to interact and initiate lines of discussion and networks. From genetics through remote sensing to impactful data analysis, the workshop aims to present the latest tools and sciences that reveal the phenotypic traits of forests and trees. 


Prof. Nicholas Coops (Faculty of Forestry, University of British Columbia, Canada)

Dr. Gancho Slavov

Halil Radogoshi (Swedish Forest Agency, Sweden) - Artificial Intelligence in Forestry