IPPS 2019

6th International Plant Phenotyping Symposium
from 22-26 October, 2019 in Nanjing, China

Phenotyping for Sustainable Agriculture:
Challenges and Perspectives


Plant phenotyping is becoming the central field of research and application in academia and industry providing a fertile ground for the development of new phenotyping technologies, platforms and methods required to address future grand challenges. Within the  6th International Plant Phenotyping Symposium we will address the recent development in plant phenotyping and provide a platfrom for discussion and exchange:

  • from technology:
    discussing the latest and future technological and sensor developments in plant phenotyping including cost effective applications.
  • to data:
    addressing the latest developments that will enable the reusability of data from acquisition to to management and reuse and modelling.
  • to impact:
    outlining the success stories in plant phenotyping leading improved plant production.

The Symposium will be complemented by a training school befor the symposium to specifically address early career scientists

Program of the IPPS 2019

Program of the Training School

Scientific committee

Weixing Cao (NAU, CN)
Yanfeng Ding (NAU, CN)
Carolyn Lawrence-Dill (IPPN, ISU, USA)
Ulrich Schurr (IPPN, FZJ, DE)
Xavier Sirault (IPPN, CSIRO, AU)
Jianmin Wan (CAAS, CN)
Xiqing Wang (CAU, CN)
LizhongXiong (HAU, CN)
Chunyi Zhang (CAAS, CN)
Chunjiang Zhao (NERCITA, CN)


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