Course leader

Sébastien Déjean was awarded his PhD in Applied Statistics in 2002 at Université de Toulouse, France after spending 4 years in a Biometry lab at INRA (French National Institute for Agronomic Research).He then has been working at the Toulouse Mathematics Institute as a research engineer. He works in close collaboration with researchers working in different areas, such as high-throughput biology, chemistry and information retrieval. Sébastien is an expert in statistical data analysis and he contributes to the development of several R packages including mixOmics as a core member.

More details on Sébastien’s current research projects:


Additional teachers

Dr David Rengel (data analyst, LIPM)

One or two other additional teachers will be present depending on the number of participants

Local organizing committee

Dr Estelle Goulas (UGSF)

Dr Anne-Sophie Blervacq (UGSF)

Dr Anne Creach (UGSF)

Dr Brigitte Huss (UGSF)

Pr Simon Hawkins (UGSF)