Workshop Programme

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 Sala Welles, Palazzo Casino, 14:00 -- 18:00

Session 1






Invited/Keynote Talk (sponsored by PhenoSpex): Fine-grained recognition of plant species from images

Jiri Matas (Center for Machine Perception, CTU Prague, Czech Republic)

Regular Papers (Lightning Talks)



Automated Stem Angle Determination for Temporal Plant Phenotyping Analysis

S. D. Choudhury, S. Goswami, S. Bashyam, A. Samal, T. Awada



Locating Crop Plant Centers From UAV-Based RGB Imagery

Y. Chen, J. Ribera, C. Boomsma, E. Delp



An easy-to-setup 3D phenotyping platform for KOMATSUNA dataset

H. Uchiyama, S. Sakurai, M. Mishima, D. Arita, T. Okayasu, A. Shimada, R.-I. T. Kyushu



Drought Stress Classification using 3D Plant Models

S. Srivastava, S. Bhugra, B. Lall, S. Chaudhary



Deep Learning for Multi-task Plant Phenotyping

M. P. Pound, J. Atkinson, D. Wells, T. Pridmore, A. French



ARIGAN: Synthetic Arabidopsis Plants Using Generative Adversarial Network

M. V. Giuffrida, H. Scharr, S. Tsaftaris

Best Challenge Contributions (Lightning Talks)



Leveraging Multiple Datasets for Deep Leaf Counting

A. Dobrescu, M. V. Giuffrida, S. Tsaftaris



Leaf Counting with Deep Convolutional and Deconvolutional Networks

S. Aich, I. Stavness



Afternoon Break and Posters



Connecting different field sensors for plant analysis on a meta level (abstract)

S. Paulus, B. Niehaus



Particle Level Set Tracking for Low Resolution X-ray CT Image Data of Plant Root Systems in Soil (abstract)

S. Mairhofer, T. Pridmore, M. Bennett, S. Mooney, C. Sturrock, M. Griffiths, J. Atkinson, B. Atkinson



Bringing phenotyping to the farm: an evaluation of 3d reconstruction of plants in outdoor environement (abstract)

D. Colliaux, P. Hanappe



HyperPatches - a pipeline for reconstructing 3D plant models with registered hyperspectral data (abstract)

A. Lowe, A. P. French, N. Harrison



Low-cost assessment for early vigor and canopy cover estimation in durum wheat using RGB images (abstract)

J. A Fernandez-Gallego, S. C. Kefauver, N. A. Gutiérrez, M. T. Nieto-Taladriz, J. L. Araus



Pasture biomass estimation using an image processing approach to LiDAR data processing (abstract)

J. Fourie, J. Hsiao; K. Irie, K. Ghamkhar



Fast Visual Hull Extraction at High Resolution (abstract)

H. Scharr, C. Briese, A. Fischbach, F. Fiorani, M. Müller-Linow



Hyperspectral image segmentation of plants grown under real world conditions – sub plant level segmentation to deal with variability in illumination (abstract)

D. Williams, A. Britten, H. Jones, A. Karley, S. McCallum, C. Hackett, M. Aitkenhead, K. Loades, J. Graham



Using Stereo Imaging to Determine Phenotypic Parameters of Cereal Crops in the Field (abstract)

M. Theiss, M. Müller-Linow, U. Rascher, F. Fiorani



Ear density estimation in wheat crops from high resolution RGB images and deep learning methods (abstract)

S. Madec, F. Baret, S. Liu, X. Jin, B. De Solan


Photometric Stereo Technique Suitability Study for Plant Phenotyping (abstract)

G. Bernotas, L. C. Scorza, M. Hansen, L. Smith, K. Halliday, A. McCormick, M. L. Smith

Session 2



Invited/Keynote Talk (sponsored by LemnaTec): Learning to segment and count leaves (and other objects) sequentially

Bernardino Romera-Paredes (Google Deepmind)



Invited/Keynote Talk (sponsored by LemnaTec): Scalable and Reproducible Scientific Image Informatics

B.S. Manjunath (Bioinformatics Center, University of California, Santa Barbara)



Closing Remarks / Discussion






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