Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

To download the data the user agrees to submit a form with accurate information in order to obtain links on how to access the data. Access to the data and signing the electronic forms implies that the user also agrees to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Copyright and ownership of images/data remain of the owners and dataset administrators (Minervini, Scharr, Tsaftaris).
  2. The owners reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions.
  3. Data cannot be used for commercial use including but not limited to:     demonstrating the efficiency of and testing commercial systems, using screenshots from the database in advertisements,  selling data from the database
  4. Data can be used for academic purposes in the context of developing and evaluating algorithms.
  5. Publications using said data must cite the dataset and relevant paper(s). Please see citation page. Publications include journal/conference articles, technical reports, institutional or mass managed repositories (e.g., arxiv), posters, books, conference presentations, seminars etc.
  6. Studies in plant physiology and to discover new biological meaning and findings are not encouraged using these data.
  7. Data and annotations cannot be distributed and reproduced with the exception of small excerpts (such as scaled down or cropped example images) in publications as long as said publication conforms to point 4 above.
  8. Data and annotations cannot be bundled with other datasets (and re-leased) without consent of the dataset owners.
  9. Data and annotations cannot be used to support challenges/competitions without consent of the dataset owners.
  10. Disclaimer: The data and annotations are given as is without any warranty from the dataset owners.  The owners cannot be held accountable do not hold any responsibility and cannot be held responsible.


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