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Plantphenotyping Symposium 2015
Session: International initiatives

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Uli Schurr, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany

EMPHASIS – European Multi-environment Plant pHenotyping And Simulation InfraStructure

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Gemma Molero, CIMMYT, Mexico

Increasing yield potential and improving crop adaptation to climate change: Strategies and genetic gains

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Peter Wenzl, Global Crop Diversity Trust, Bonn, Germany

Diversity Seek (DivSeek): An international partnership to harness the genetic potential of crop diversity


Bettina Berger, University of Adelaide, Australia

Wheat Initiative Expert Working Group – Wheat Phenotyping to Support Wheat Improvement

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Tapio Palva, University of Helsinki, Finland

The Finnish Plant Phenotyping Infrastructure – The road to high throughput and high precision

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[Introduction/Key-Lectures][Abiotic Stress][Standards][Model][Root] - [International Initiatives]