Video Root Phenotyping


Plantphenotyping Symposium 2015
Session: Root phenotyping

Michelle Watt, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany

Deeper root systems during grain development for future farming systems: Selection by combining field and laboratory phenotyping

Boris Rewald, BOKU, Vienna, Austria

Random forest models and Support Vector Machine analysis enhance trait selection and cultivar differentiation of mature pea root systems

Sixtine Passot, IRD Montpellier, France

Exploring root development and architecture in one of the most heat and drought tolerant cereals, pearl millet


Stefan Gerth, Fraunhofer Institute, Fürth Germany

X-ray CT for growth tracking of belowground organs and root systems


Alain Audebert, CIRAD Montpellier, France

Fine phenotyping of root and shoot dynamics on drought conditions in rice

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