Video Abiotic Stress


Plantphenotyping Symposium 2015
Session: Abiotic stress

Roberto Tuberosa, University Bologna, Italy

A maize introgression library reveals ample genetic variability for root architecture, water use efficiency and grain yield under different water regimes


Anetta Kuczynska, IGR, Poznan, Poland

Developmental aspects of barley drought tolerance

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Elisabeth Becker, Technische Universität München, Munich, Germany

High-throughput phenotyping of hybrid wheat under drought and heat stress


Rut Sanchez, University of Barcelona, Spain

Comparative performance of δ13C, δ18O and δ2H for phenotyping durum wheat adaptation to different water and nitrogen conditions


Josh Klein, Volcani Center, Bet Dagan, Israel

Destructive and non-destructive quantification of drought resistance in isogenic tall and dwarf wheat

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Ernesto Igartua, CSIC, Zaragoza, Spain

Early growth of barley cultivars and landraces in rhizotrons

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Gernot Bodner, BOKU, Vienna, Austria

Whole plant vs. functional water saving: Different drought response of modern cultivars and landraces of durum wheat

Karin Köhl, Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology, Germany

Identification of drought tolerance markers in potato


Fred Baret, CAPTE, INRA-EMMAH, Avignon, France

Leaf rolling in maize crops: Contrasting behavior among cultivars evidenced from ground and UAV observations

Ankica Kondic-Spika, Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops, Novi Sad, Serbia

High-throughput shoot and root phenotyping to study drought and salt stress responses in wheat


Roberto Papa, Università Politecnica delle Marche, Ancona, Italy

Impact of domestication on the phenotypic architecture of durum wheat under contrasting nitrogen fertilization

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Michael Dingkuhn, IRRI, Manila, Philippines / CIRAD, Montpellier, France

Physiological model greatly enhances GWAS when used to dissect multi-environment field phenomics for climate adaptation traits

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Pervez Zaidi, Global Maize Program, CIMMYT-Asia, India

Field-based phenotyping for abiotic stresses in maize – Focus on breeder’s wish-list

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Sundeep Kumar, Division of Genomic Resources, ICAR-NBPGR, India

QTL mapping for traits associated with terminal heat tolerance in spring wheat