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Plantphenotyping Symposium 2015


In this symposium held in Barcelona Nov 11-12 of 2015 we aimed at giving the users of phenotyping approaches and platforms the opportunity to present their work as a basis for a discussion between users, scientists operating phenotyping platforms as well as technology developers about the needs and requirements of plant phenotyping. The following are recordings from the symposium, please note you can toggle the HD button on and off on bottom right of the player.

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Plantohenotyping Symposium 2015
VIDEOS: Introduction/Key-Lectures - [Abiotic Stress][Standards][Model][Root][International Initiatives]

Welcome Introduction EPPN

Dr. Jordi Alberch, Deputy President for Research, University of Barcelona, Spain

Dr. Teresa Sauras, Vice Dean for International Cooperation of the Faculty of Biology, University of Barcelona, Spain

Jose Luis Araus, University of Barcelona, Spain

Uli Schurr, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany

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Welcome Introduction EPPN (continued)

Roland Pieruschka, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany

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Jose Luis Araus, University of Barcelona, Spain

Field phenotyping: Affordable alternatives and novel avenues

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Richard Richards

Phenotyping – How can we value add for plant breeders?

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Introduction/Key-Lectures - [Abiotic Stress][Standards][Model][Root][International Initiatives]