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‘To explore the potential of nature to improve the quality of life’

That is the mission of Wageningen University & Research. Over 6,800 employees and 12,900 students from more than hundred countries work everywhere around the world in the domain of healthy food and living environment for governments and the business community-at-large.

The strength of Wageningen University & Research lies in its ability to join the forces of specialised research institutes and the university. It also lies in the combined efforts of the various fields of natural and social sciences. This union of expertise leads to scientific breakthroughs that can quickly be put into practice and be incorporated into education. This is the Wageningen Approach. Collaboration with other parties such as government, business and NGOs is indispensable. This is in line with the Finding Answers Together ambition.

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Wageningen Campus

Wageningen Campus is a place for exchanges and connections between knowledge organisations, the business sector and start-ups. On Wageningen Campus we understand that sharing knowledge is just as important as developing knowledge, which is why the campus offers numerous opportunities for meeting, collaboration, inspiration and reflection.

 Visiting the campus

Wageningen Campus is centrally located in the Netherlands, between Utrecht, Arnhem and Nijmegen. It is easily accessible from both the Randstad with Schiphol Airport and from the Ruhr region in Germany with its international airport in Düsseldorf. The campus has ample parking, usually only a few minutes’ walk from your final destination.


Directions to Wageningen Campus




Wageningen University & Research Campus

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