Guidance Notes


applications to

COST FA1306 

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Application Assessment

  1. Applications will be reviewed and evaluated by members of the COST FA1306 Management Committee (Dr. Sebastien Carpentier, Dr. Uli Schurr, Dr. Astrid Junker, Dr. Andreas Voloudakis, Dr. Estelle Goulas, Dr. Carla Pinheiro, Dr. Dyonisia Fasoula, Dr. Diego Rubiales, Dr. Rick van de Zedde, Dr. Carl-Otto Ottosen and Dr. Eva Rosenquist).


  1. The key criteria the committees will base their decisions on are:
    1. Applicants – the program will in first line support PhD students (last year) and post-doctoral fellows (max 8 years of postdoc experience).
    2. Application for a focused meeting/training
    3. Clear future needs and applicability
    4. Value for the Action
    5. WG (need to maintain a balance between the 3 WGs)
    6. Applicant from IPG countries 
    7. An amount of 60€ for daily allowance and 300€ for travel is recommended (If more than 60€ is requested a detailed explanation should be provided. In any case, no allowance higher than 90€ will be allowed).


  1. Members of the Executive Committee or Management Committee who are involved in a specific application will not speak to that project and will not vote for any project with which they have a specific involvement.


Applicants should provide

  • A more detailed explanation/breakdown of the living expenses with application
  • A financial summary in the post visit report
  • A one page report latest one year after the STSM visit by the trainee and supervisor from their home institution to review how the home laboratory and trainee have benefited from the STSM.
  • Presentation of work performed in frame of the STSM in a COST WG or general meeting