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7th International Plant Phenotyping Symposium (2022)

The 7th International Plant Phenotyping Symposium, IPPS 2022, brings together a multidisciplinary community of plant biologists, ecologists, engineers, agronomists and computer scientists. In a rich and diverse networking environment we foster knowledge exchange, collaboration and innovation.

UPDATE:  EARLY BIRD  & Abstract submission periods extended

  • Early Bird Registration closes:  May 1, 2022 [NEW]
  • Abstract Submission closes:  May 15, 2022  [NEW]

IPPS 2022 will serve as a platform to discuss and realize options to harness the power of plant phenotyping and contribute to a sustainable future. The conference brings together prominent speakers from around the globe and offers an excellent network opportunity for companies and other partners from the private sector.


Conference Dates: 

  • Registration opens early 2022

Registrations Deadline: 

  • Early Bird Registration closes:  April 1, 2022*
  • Registration closes:  July 31, 2022*

Abstract Deadline:

  • Abstract Submission closes:  April 15, 2022*
  • Travel Grant closes:  June 30, 2022*

*Note: Dates may be subject to changes along the planning process


Scientific sessions and topics  (work in progress):

1)      Climate change & Photosynthesis
  •  Phenotyping for climate change adaptation (heat, drought, salinity etc)
  • Abiotic stress phenotyping
  • Phenotyping for resource use efficiency (water use, nitrogen use, P-use etc)
  • Phenotyping for photosynthetic traits/efficiency (in- & ex-field)
2)      Plant Development & Allocation
  • Carbon & nutrient dynamics & root phenotyping
  • Seed & plant organ development
3)      Microbiome, ecology & biotic interactions
  • Phenotyping the soil microbiome / biostimulants
  • Phenotyping for biotic stresses, plant diseases and disease resistance
 4)      Modelling of physiological & ecological processes
  • Phenotyping supported modelling / process-based modelling (e.g. Digital Twins)
 5)      Food & Bio-economy
  • Phenotyping for future-proofing specific food crops (lab to field, breeding)
  • Phenotyping crops for non-food purposes (ornamentals, forests, feed, fibres)
  • Specialty crops & Horticulture
6)      Sensors, Robotics & Automation (technology session)
  • Development of new sensor technology
    • Image based sensors & phenotyping
    • Non-image-based phenotyping
  • Advances in robotics & vectors/ sensor carriers
  • Affordable phenotyping approaches
7)      Informatics, Data & Analytics
  • Advancements in data analyses for phenotyping: Statistical modelling & methods
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • FAIR data / metadata / databases / ontologies / standards / harmonization


Become a IPPS2022 Sponsor or Exhibitor

IPPS2022 offers various possibilities for industry to sponsor the conference and to exhibit its products to an expected audience of over 400 international participants.

Companies can be main sponsor of the conference choosing from three different packages, Gold, Silver or Bronze. Each of these packages comes with a number of supplementary free conference registrations. In addition, members of the IPPN Industry Section will receive a discount on the package prize.

If a somewhat lighter sponsorship is preferred we can offer individual sponsorship items or even a complete customized sponsorship package.

In case you are interested in becoming an IPPS2020 Sponsor or Exhibitor, please contact René Klein Lankhorst (rene.kleinlankhorst@wur.nl)


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