Call for papers: "Plant Phenomics And Precision Agriculture"

PLOS ONE is calling for papers on plant phenomics and precision agriculture research. The deadline for submission is 5 June 2020.

Phenomics has the potential to improve the speed and sustainability of research and supply ecosystems for food, fuel, and fiber crops. At the heart of phenomics research are hardware and software tools and methods that are developed by interdisciplinary teams.  — Malia Gehan, Guest Editor

Advances in plant phenomics and precision agriculture rely on research that spans disciplines and spatiotemporal scales. From cell to field, from second to season, investigators seek to understand plant processes and environmental interactions, and to develop interventions for maximal resilience and yield. These efforts are fundamental to guaranteeing food security and sustainable crop production in the context of rising demand and increasingly challenging environments. With its commitment to publication of rigorously validated, reproducible methods and tools, PLOS ONE is an ideal venue for the interdisciplinary research that is characteristic of plant phenomics and precision agriculture.

In this Call for Papers, we are inviting submissions that develop and test- in controlled environments or in the field- new technologies for phenotypic measurements and agricultural surveillance and intervention. 


Sensor Design

Robotic Systems

Machine/computer vision tools

Data visualization and integration

Digital soil mapping

Bioinformatics pipelines

In-field phenomic application

Distributed research infrastructure

Multi-environment networks

Farmer support services


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