IPPN Panel Discussion held during NaPPN's annual conference: "Reflection on 20 years of plant phenotyping in academia & industry in different parts of the world"

As a long term partner of the North American Plant Phenotyping Network (NaPPN) since its beginning, IPPN attended the conference in-person & remotely, adding to the program by hosting an international panel discussion during one of the morning sessions.

Panel members were composed from the IPPN Board members, with each board member representing a different positions in face of their geographic region & whether they are seeing plant phenotyping from academia- or industry perspectives: 

  • Uli Schurr (Germany/academia)
  • Jennifer Clarke (USA/academia)
  • Rick van de Zedde (Netherlands/academia)
  • David Han (China/industry)
  • Vincent Jalink (Netherlands/industry)

The panel discussion was moderated on-site by IPPN Operations Manager, Philipp von Gillhaussen & Jennifer Clarke.

During the panel discussion the panelists were given opportunity to reflect and comment on four wider topics, covering 1)the starting point for modern plant phenotyping, 2) current status and key developments in the past and future, 3) collaborations and 4) current bottlenecks and challenges.

For anyone interested, the session was recorded and can be found on IPPN's Youtube-channel .
A download link containing the slides and questions that were used during the session can be found further down below this article.

The North American Plant Phenotyping Network (NaPPN) held it's 2022 annual conference in Athens, Georgia (USA), from 22-25.02.2022