Special issue: Plant Phenotyping for a Sustainable Future

JXB Special issue

Contributions to the special issue are welcome and may include research papers as well as review articles. Authors should submit a title and brief outline for the consideration of the editors via email by 31 October 2021. All papers are peer reviewed to the usual standards and must fit within the scope of the journal.

Edited by Roland Pieruschka and Michela Janni

The invited papers in this special issue—published in association with the Society of Experimental Biology virtual conference (SEB2021), the International Plant Phenotyping Network, the EU project EPPN2020, and the plant phenotyping research infrastructure EMPHASIS—focus on plant phenotyping as the key tool for understanding plant-environment interactions. The collected reviews will explore how this understanding translates into improving plant and crop productivity, quality, and tolerance to biotic and abiotic stress, including cross links to molecular biology, plant breeding, genetics and genomics, and bioinformatics.


Darwin Review
Bettina Berger, Patompong Saengwilai, Michael Selvaraj, Carolyn Lowrenze Dill, Alexander Buksch The state of global community


Eva Rosenqvist, Carl-Otto Ottosen Phenotyping using photosynthetic processes
Kioumars Ghamkhar, Robert Koller, Uli Schurr Phenomics for genebank material and seeds

Ankica Kondić-Špika Plant phenotyping as a tool in creating climate resilient crops in Pannonian region
Mahlein A-K, Schaaf G, Lobet G, Vanderborght J, Bauckhage C, Kersting K, Gall J Identification and interpretation of crop features from phenomic data by machine learning

Katja Herzog, Anna Kicherer, Reinhard Töpfer Phenotyping in Grapevine – Perspectives for perennials
Patrick Langan, Villő Bernard, Joey Henchy, Nadia Al-Tamimi, Sónia Negrão Phenotyping for waterlogging tolerance: current trends and future prospects

Gordon Wellman, Christian Zörb, Sandra M. Schmöckel Phenotyping of Traits Related to Salinity Tolerance
Lukáš Spíchal, Nuria De Diego Phenotyping approaches in biostimulant research and development

Boris Rewald, Gernot Bodner Phenotype this! Established and emerging root phenotyping techniques from shovelomics to hyperspectral imaging, root counting to mechanistic modelling

Erik Alexandersson, Thomas Roitsch, Kristiina Himanen Functional phenomics to understand and improve crop resilience in the Nordic countries within climate change scenarios


Invitation to submit

We welcome contributions to this special issue. If you would like to submit a paper (either research or review), please email a title and brief outline for the consideration of the editors. All papers are peer reviewed to the usual standards and must fit within the scope of the journal. The deadline for submissions is 31 October 2021



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Images courtesy of Marina Tikhonova, Andreas Eckert, Luiz M. Santos (Pexels), Sudip Maiti, Ralf-Uwe Limbach (FZJ), Ulrike Beukert, Michiel Huybrechts, Giovanni Rallo (EMPHASIS Photo Competition 2020).