Final COST FA1306 meeting in Leuven







Final COST FA1306 meeting in Leuven: The final meeting of the Cost Action FA1306 “The quest for tolaerant varieties – phenotyping at Plant and Cellular level” was organized in Leuven (Belgium) 20-21 March 2018. The meeting focused on the topic “Plant phenotyping for future climates”. More than 100 participants discussed research results on:

o   Phenotyping Crop Biodiversity

o   Integrated Solutions for high-end phenotyping

o   Standardization in the phenotyping community

o   Phenotyping for future climate scenarios

The participants took the opportunity to visit the KULeuven/Bioversity International gene bank and phenotyping facilities at KU Leuven. They also discussed next options for cooperation in phenotyping and opportunities to collaborate in running activities like EMPHASIS, EPPN2020 and more.