IPPN extends the membership base by including industry members


Until now, IPPN was an academia-only organization, but the 2017 General Assembly voted to change the statutes so that industry can also join IPPN. In doing so, IPPN members indicated their wish and the need to work closely with industry, to develop mutual benefits for industry and academic members, and to establish a global, mature plant phenotyping community.

With the increasing development of a global plant phenotyping community it is also essential to extend the IPPN membership base by implementing and fostering close interaction between academia and industry partners to drive and develop innovation. With this in mind, IPPN members are looking forward to welcoming colleagues from industry, who will be able to join the association beginning in mid-2018.

A first milestone for the future interactions between industry and academia will be the International Plant Phenotyping Symposium from 2 to 5 October 2018 in Adelaide, Australia. We hope for the strong and active participation of industry members and see significant potential for synergies and collaboration.