Netherlands Plant Eco-Phenotyping Centre







The Netherlands Plant Eco-Phenotyping Centre

In the Netherlands, a proposal was recently developed  and coordinated by Wageningen University and Utrecht University in the frame work of the NWO National Roadmap for Large-Scale Research Infrastructure call. This proposal was submitted on June 1st. The evaluation scheme means that by November this year they expect to get referee reports. Final decision is expected in March 2018.

To offer preliminary insights what is aimed for,  please read this short summary of the proposal.

Short summary of The Netherlands Plant Eco-phenotyping Centre (NPEC) proposal;

The mission of the Netherlands Plant Eco-Phenotyping Centre (NPEC) is to provide scientists and breeders with a state-of-the art research facility to unravel the genetics behind the interactions between the environment and plant genes that determine plant performance. NPEC is one integrated national facility housed across two locations, Wageningen and Utrecht. The total costs for NPEC for the first 10-year period amounts to 22.0 M€. The integrated NPEC facilities allow accurate, high-throughput studies of plant performance in relation to relevant biotic (microbiome interactions, competition, disease) and abiotic (light quantity and quality, nutrients, temperature, moisture, soil pH and atmospheric CO2 level) factors across a range of scales. NPEC comprises the six complementary experimental modules, as illustrated in the artist impression.