Plant Phenotyping Forum in Tartu, Estonia: Integrating the European Plant Phenotyping Community






The European plant phenotyping community will meet in Tartu, Estonia on 22 to 24 November to discuss scientific and political issues related to overcoming the plant phenotyping bottleneck. The event brings together scientists, policy makers, and funders and helps to further the development of plant phenotyping in Europe.

Overcoming the plant phenotyping bottleneck requires a community effort across disciplines and national boundaries. This meeting brings together all relevant stakeholders in plant phenotyping across Europe and aims to provide a platform for discussion and exchange. The event addresses issues related to: (1) the relevance of agriculture from the perspective of politics, funding, and science; (2) a long-term operation of European plant-phenotyping infrastructure; (3) opportunities to access key plant phenotyping facilities within the EPPN2020 projects; (4) case studies illustrating the different aspects of research; and (5) opportunities for close interaction with phenotyping experts.

The event is supported by EMPHASIS, EPPN 2020, and ECOLCHANGE. The EU-funded project EPPN2020 provides access to key plant phenotyping facilities in Europe while the ESFRI-project EMPHASIS aims at the development of a long term sustainable pan European plant phenotyping infrastructure that addresses the needs of the diverse users.

This conference is a last in a series of regional mapping conferences organised by EMPHASIS in order to collect and exchange information about plant-phenotyping infrastructures in Europe. As a result, the EMPHASIS homepage provides comprehensive and up-to-date information about the plant-phenotyping activities in European countries (https://emphasis.plant-phenotyping.eu/).

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