Water Use Efficiency : Finding the best trade-off between productivity and survivability

Keren Moshelion (Plant-DiTech) & Alexis Comar (HiPhen)



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As the climate is changing due to many factors, finding the best trade-off between productivity and survivability in crop research is really challenging. Thus, Hiphen and Plant-DiTech work together to propose a unique and original way to assess Water Use Efficiency from field trials to greenhouses and vice versa, while improving yields. We are combining the best of both worlds : In-field and indoor plant phenotyping, to give you precise feedback and analytics upon your plant research data or breeding programs behavior.


Speaker Information

Keren Moshelion, CEO Plant DiTech

Keren Moshelion got her degrees in economic & business management in the Tel-Aviv and The Technion Universities, Israel. Her field of expertise is in Information Systems Management. She worked in various high-ranked global business managerial positions for 12 years at INDIGO Ltd., an advanced start-up company who was successfully bought by HP, and for several years later provided business development advisory to companies. 5 years ago, Keren joined forces with two professors experts in plant, soil & water from the Hebrew University in Israel, and together with a great team of ag-experts, setup Plant-DiTech to developed the first functional (physiology) high-throughput phenotyping platform, specializing in plant-water-use and stress tolerance. Since then the company achieved worldwide presence in 10 different countries, and their product is now being used by top rated universities, including Wageningen University, leading Food companies (e.g. Mars Wrigely) and Chemical/ Bio-stimulants companies (e.g. ICL), with over 30 scientific papers published in top journals.


Alexis Comar, CEO HiPhen

Alexis Comar did his Ph.D. at INRAE at a pioneering time for field high-throughput phenotyping. His research focused on the interaction between the leaves and the light and its consequences for remote sensing applications. With the mission of making these remote and proximal sensing tools accessible more broadly to crop researchers in academia, government, NGO and industry, Alexis co-founded HIPHEN in 2014 and has led its growth as CEO since then. Today HIPHEN connects researcher world-wide to plant phenotyping and crop image analysis tools and now engages the skills of 20 agronomists, engineers and scientists in France and the USA. It counts among its clients one of the biggest Champagne producer in the world and some of the major seed breeders in the world. Still involved in research projects, Alexis continues to keep Hiphen on the leading edge of the application at production scale of image analytics in agriculture. The goal is helping develop the varieties, processes and products that will secure the food supply and create more sustainable and profitable options for farmers and the agricultural ecosystem around the world.


Company Description(s)

HiPhen (France)

At Hiphen, we can assess plant behavior at every phenological stage with advanced algorithms and AI-powered techniques. With our traits catalog, we deliver ready to use data that augment your crop knowledge and help you take the right decisions, at the right time. We have assembled a team of agronomists, data scientists and engineers laser focused on making high throughput plant phenotyping more accessible to the agricultural research community.


Plant-DiTech (Israel)

Plant-DiTech provides researchers a high-throughput physiological phenotyping screening and diagnostic platform, as well as conclusive analytical software, to achieve deep insights into plant-environment interactions and the plant's Water-Use-Efficiency; Efficiently select the right plants and conditions that contribute to better yields and stress response. The technology was developed at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Faculty Of Agriculture, Food and Environment, Israel