[Special Issue]: Integrating Phenotyping & Modelling Approaches

This SI published by In Sillico Plants  is looking for contributions from research on the integration of phenotyping with genetic, molecular, physiological and ecological data is encouraged.

Phenotyping across scales is needed that integrates the precise characterization of the internal phenotype and ecological processes into high-throughput phenotyping of whole plants and canopies.

The use of high throughput phenotyping, complemented with plant physiology, functional genomics with advanced crop models will bridge the knowledge gap between genotype and phenotype.

Email office@insilicoplants.org to indicate your interest and reserve your spot.

Special Issue Guest Editors:

Junqi Zhu - The New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research

A/Prof A B Potgieter - The University of Queensland, Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation


Flyer (PDF)