[Special Issue]: Plant Functional Phenotyping

DEADLINE APPROACHING: Plant Phenomics is accepting submissions for a special issue titled Plant Functional Phenotyping


High-throughput plant phenotyping has been revolutionized during the last decade thanks to the development of efficient data acquisition systems (sensors and vectors) and interpretation methods, while enriching the diversity of traits accessible. Breeders could directly benefit from these advances to select the best genotypes for a targeted environment. However, most of the traits characterized at a single time during the growth cycle depend on both the genotype and the environment, which complicates the selection process. Fortunately, high-throughput phenotyping allows repeat of measurements along the growth cycle. Monitoring the dynamics of some traits provides access to eco-physiological processes describing the reaction of the plant to its environment (that is, plant plasticity), which makes it possible to predict its behavior under a range of conditions.

The objective of this special issue is to present recent developments in plant functional phenotyping, i.e., characterizing the plant response to its environment. We welcome submissions covering studies investigating the dynamics of canopy structure, the characterization of phenological events, the description of the plant’s reaction to stresses, and the quantification of resource use efficiencies. The studies can either be based solely on data, or they can exploit crop growth models or functional-structural plant models. The special issue will cover both field and control conditions phenotyping.

Articles must be original research, not published elsewhere. All articles will go through a rigorous peer-review process as per the journal norms. Review articles around the topics are also encouraged. 

Click the link to learn more https://spj.sciencemag.org/plant-phenomics-special-issues/plant-functional-phenotyping/