Transnational Access Enabling Excellent Science


EPPN2020 provides access to 31 phenotyping facilities in Europe researchers from academia and industry by the Transnational Access projects.

Currently, over 60 experiments are in progress all over Europe based on three calls in the first half of the project. The fourth call has been closed with over 30 submitted applications, which are currently under review. Within the further two  calls EPPN2020 is likely to exceed the threshold of 150 experiments, where researchers from one European country used infrastructures in another European country to conduct excellent science.

The next call for Transnational Access will be opened in October.

The first results of the Transnational Access experiments already illustrate the very successful development of EPPN2020 with first publications  from the first calls and short video testimonials on the EPPN2020 website. EPPN2020 enables additional activities by establishing networking activities as well as joint research activities. These joint research activities focus i) on increasing the reliability and consistency of environmental characterization across platforms and maximizing the effectiveness of the image-based methods, ii) on statistical quality control, design and analysis of single and multiple platform experiments and iii) on building and integrating a compatible, consistent information system.