Genomes to Fields (G2F) Genotype by Environment Prediction Competition

Develop models to predict corn yield in the 2022 G2F trials based on the current G2F dataset and other publicly available data.

Starting November 15 /2022 - January 15 /2023


To date, the G2F initiative (www.genomes2fields.org) has collected data on over 180,000 corn field plots including 2,500 hybrids and 162 unique environments.


The winner of the competition will receive a cash prize or equivalent compensation of $4,000 and expenses paid travel and registration (up to $1,200) to present their research at an international meeting (see About tab for details). Additionally, participants will be invited to co-author a paper with the competition organizers presenting the findings of the competition and the different modeling strategies (subject to organizer approval).