PhenomUK Summer News: BBSRC-funded £2.4M UK Plant and Crop Phenotyping Infrastructure Scoping Project

BBSRC’s recent announcement of a £2.4M UK Plant and Crop Phenotyping Infrastructure Scoping Project,was followed by yesterday’s webinar at which BBSRC colleagues presented its aims and timeline.


UK Plant and Crop Phenotyping Infrastructure scoping project


£2.4 million over the next three years, £2.4 million from the Infrastructure Fund in total including future funding years.

Project start date: financial year 2022 to 2023.

About the project

This scoping study will address challenges of crop resilience and global food security through a national distributed infrastructure in plant and crop phenotyping.

This will take advantage of the diverse expertise, facilities and variety of field sites (with differing soil and environmental conditions) across the UK.

It will support the development of testbeds for trialling new crop varieties, including higher yield varieties, climate resistant varieties, and testing response to pathogens.


A summary of the webinar held 12.07.22 will be distributed by BBSRC shortly, along with details of a Community Workshop to be held in September, at which key decisions regarding the project will be made.
Following discussion at the webinar, PhenomUK will be organising a number of events providing background information on e.g. relevant EPPN2020 and EMPHASIS activities, and gathering data to inform the workshop.
If you have any suggestions for activities the network could organise, or information it could provide to help you better engage with the Scoping Project, please email them to enquiries@phenomuk.net.

We will do all we can to help the UK phenotyping community take advantage of this unique and exciting opportunity.